The Ranker Who Lives Forever 115th Chapter: Date Of Its Release Announced!!


Following months of anticipation, Second Life Ranker’s latest issue is finally here. A lengthy hiatus from publication was made explicit in the final chapter by the manga’s authors. However, this week saw the release of a new chapter.

The party has made it through the Golden Gudgel Gate and arrived at their destination. There is still a long way to go before the journey ends. Yeon plans to reveal what’s behind the locked door when they return from their next expedition. He managed to open it. If their efforts fail to yield any results, the team may be left empty-handed.

Chapter 115: The Resurrection Of Ranker, Part 2

Yeon realized after the previous chapter that he couldn’t get through the door. The gate remained shut despite the efforts of all three of his fellow soldiers. As a result, it was clear that Kindred had gained access to it in a way that was not expected.

The Ranker Who Lives Forever 115th Chapter   Date Of Its Release Announced!!

With a gentle nudge, he was able to open the gate and they all walked in together. Again, we must deal with Ranker, who will live in perpetuity. Unlock the door by reading Chapter 115, and you can see what lies beyond.

Despite the crew’s best efforts, Kindred will not be found in an instant. It’s possible there’s a powerful adversary waiting just beyond the closed door.

In Case You Missed It!

Cernunnos, the god of hunting, made his first appearance in Second Life Ranker in Chapter 114 of Ranker. Kahn and Yeon Woo were fighting on the battlefield. He was a high-ranking official who had also served as an apostle of God, according to the latter.

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Yeon was apprehensive that utilizing even a fraction of her unique energy would be challenging, given the powers she was displaying at the time. To him, conquering all five sections of the mountain would make her mighty. You were about to be rescued when the crew explained how they planned to get you out of your current position. In his speech, Yeon made a reference to it.

There is no distraction from the task at hand for either Victoria or Rebecca. Is this why Yeon stated that he would try to get things forward a little more quickly? They’ve realized their plans have been thwarted after coming face to face with the Iron Gate of Golden Gudgel. The 115th chapter of Second Life Ranker is now available for reading on Reading Platforms.

Reincarnation Of The Ranker Date Of Publication In Chapter 115

In order for reading to become more widely accepted as a pastime, a variety of platforms have been developed and supplied. For those who like to read manga, these sites are among the most popular.

Many of the most popular reading platforms, such as Kindle and Nook, now offer manga. Many media outlets, all of which are easy to use, have resulted in an increase in manga consumption. In addition, this manga can be found on a wide range of other websites and publications on the internet.

It is possible to interact with other people in Second Life, a virtual world. The story of Ranker will take a dramatic turn with the arrival of Cernunnos. Due to the weekly release schedule, all-new chapters will be released every week after the manga’s hiatus. On April 14, 2022, we’ll see the publication of the entire 115th chapter of Ranker Who Lives In A Second Life.

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