They deny that access to the site is impossible


The Mexican embassy in Cuba has announced in advance that it will open a new site for soliciting appointments, but users on the island say it will not be accessible.

We report this morning Cuba Directory According to the embassy, ​​the new site will be accessible from 4:00 pm (Cuban time).

Although the embassy asked people not to enter before the specified time to avoid computer overcrowding, many users did so in advance in search of their opportunity.

The news released from the embassy on Twitter has already garnered nearly 200 comments.

“After 20 minutes of opening the page of the Mexican Embassy in Cuba, how is it possible that there is no change to visa appointments anymore?” They demanded.

“How long will corruption and theft last because officials sell shifts?” Replied furiously.

“I will write a letter directly to the presidency of Mexico, every day until they respond to me, and I will expose the business that their ambassadors have in Cuba,” another tweeter said.

For their part, some showed screenshots of attempts to access the site: