Russian state television employee interrupts broadcast with sign saying “No to war” and “They are lying to you” | Univision World News


The main evening news program on Russian state television on Monday was interrupted because a woman had an identity Against the war in Ukraine.

The OVD-Info website, which monitors political repression in Russia, identified the woman as Marina Ovsyanikova, the network’s author. The website reports that Ovsyannikova has been detained and is in police custody.

On the board he held, “No war. Stop the war. Do not believe the propaganda, here they are lying to you. The phrase “do not fight” was in English and the rest were in Russian.

Prior to the protest, Ovsyannikova released a video aired by OVD-Info and posted it on the Telegram platform, explaining that his father was Ukrainian and his mother Russian. The colors of the Russian and Ukrainian flags combined.

“Vladimir Putin alone is responsible”

“What is happening now is a crime,” he said. “Russia is an occupying power and Vladimir Putin alone is responsible for it.” In the post he describes the war as “fratricidal killing” and says “we think we are Russians and intelligent people”.

“Unfortunately, I have been working for Channel One for the past few years and campaigning for the Kremlin. I am very ashamed of this,” he said in a translation. “I am ashamed to allow lies to come out on the TV screen. I’m ashamed of allowing the Russian people to zombie. “