This is what we learned about flight


(CNN Business) – Boeing 737 aircraft 132 people were killed in an accident in China on Monday. Boeing’s 737 model is a different version of the 737 Max, which has been facing extraordinary high safety issues for the past three years, but has been rocking the airline center since the crash.

The cause of Monday’s plane crash has not yet been determined. The crashed plane has been in service since 2015. The plane, operated by China Eastern Airlines, crashed while flying from the southwestern city of Kunming to Guangzhou.

This is what we learned about flight.

Boeing 737-800

The crashed China Eastern Airlines plane was a Boeing 737-800. This is the most common version of the Boeing aircraft in service and basically refers to soldiers serving in several Air Force navies.

Boeing 737 aircraft China

FlightAware and Flightradar24 surveillance services said it was the China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 plane that crashed Monday with 132 people on board. This picture is a file photo taken on a Chinese track in February 2022. (Credit: Zhou Bodian / VCG via Getty Images)

According to Syria, an aeronautical analyst, there are currently 4,502 Boeing 737-800 aircraft in service worldwide. It is now the most widely used Boeing aircraft. This aircraft model has 795 services in the United States, as well as 1,177 in service in China. It is the second most commonly used aircraft in the world after Boeing’s rival Airbus A320.

The Boeing 737-800 is an older aircraft model that was replaced by the 737 Max.

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Previous security issues

Boeing began delivering the 737-800 in 1998, but has not sent a civilian version of the aircraft since China delivered two in the east in January 2020.

The 737-800 is part of a class of Boeing aircraft known as the 737-NG. U.S. regulators have cited security concerns on NG planes, although nothing has risen to the level where planes should be on the ground.

In 2018, A passenger died in a Boeing 737-700, the other aircraft in the next generation family. In that crash, the engine fan blade of the Southwest Airlines plane broke and a part of the engine cover hit the side of the plane. He broke one of the windows and the cabin pressed fast. The crew was able to land the plane safely. But a woman who was walking through that window died.

In 2019, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that Boeing redesign part of the aircraft’s engine covers in the event of a similar failure. Boeing agreed to make the change.

Cracks were found in an area used to hold the wings on some older aircraft. Those cracks are gone Temporarily on the ground A few 737 NGs.

Other fatal accidents involving the 737-800 occurred when landing in bad weather and when the runway was overshoot or slip. Two missiles were fired into the sky: one Ukraine in 2014Another Iran in 2020.

The United States is set to take part in a China-led crash investigation

A US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) representative is set to take part in a China-led investigation into the crash of a China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735.

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The NTSB said it had appointed a senior aviation security investigator as a US-authorized representative to the investigation led by China’s Civil Aviation Administration.

NTSB said it would also investigate aircraft manufacturer Boeing, engine maker General Electric and the US Federal Aviation Administration.

It is a standard solution for plane crashes occurring in other countries and involving Boeing aircraft designed in the United States.

CNN security analyst David Susie said he hoped the geopolitical tensions between the United States and China would complicate the investigation, adding that participants should “come up with a positive approach to transparency”.

“Usually in accidents like this you have better relations between each of the countries involved and you can avoid any kind of politics and act within the accident,” Soucie told CNN. “In this situation, it would be very difficult to try to accurately share all that information about what is happening in China.”

737 Max8

Toss 737 Max de Boeing Met with fatal accidentsOn 2018 (Lion Air) Y 2019 (Ethiopian Airlines), which was shown to be caused by a design flaw. Tragedies a Global suspension of aircraft for 20 months.

Those crashes resulted in the 207-month immobility of the 737 Max. Boeing costs ten thousand Billion dollars.

The feature that caused the 737 Max crash is not present in the 737-800.

Richard Quest, Yong Seong and Helen Reagan, CNN, contributed to this report.