Who Is Brigitte Bardot? Net Worth, Age, Height, Children, Parents, Siblings, And Real Name


Brigitte Bardot, a French actress, fashion model, and singer, is widely recognized. She later became an advocate for animal rights. Brigitte Bardot was born in Paris, France, on September 28th, 1934. Her current age is 87 years old. Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is Brigitte’s full name. She stood at a tall 5’4″. Anne Marie Bardot was Brigitte’s mother.

Louis Bardot was her father. Her father was an engineer by trade and was actively involved in the business of the family. Mijanou Bardot was her only sibling. In the 1960s, she was known for her roles as an independent and daring actress. In the world of sex symbols, she was one of the most prominent. When Brigitte Bardot began acting professionally in films at the age of 15, her parents forbade her from doing so because they were opposed to it.

Brigitte Bardot Adolescence And Schooling

Brigitte Bardot attended Cours Hattmer, a private school, and also had private lessons. When she was a child, her mother enrolled her in dance lessons, and that’s when she discovered her natural ability to move to music.

Who Is Brigitte Bardot Net Worth, Age, Height, Children, Parents, Siblings, And Real Name

Since 1950, Brigitte has tried to take her own life. It’s been reported that her most recent suicide attempt was in 1992. She made an attempt on her own life when she was 16 years old. More than one hundred men and women slept in Bardot’s bed during her lifetime. She was married four times before she divorced. In 1952, she tied the knot with Roger Vadim, the love of her life. After that, the couple split up. In 1959, she married Jacques Charrier, a French actor, for the second time.

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Brigitte Bardot’s Private Life

Her only child is a son she has with her husband. They separated in 1963 and divorced the following year. Then, on July 14, 1966, she married Gunter Sachs for the third time. Bardot had a brief relationship with Bob Zagury from 1963 to 1965. In 1969, after a three-year marriage, Bardot and Gunter decided to call it quits. From 1980 to 1985, Bardot shared a home with Allain Bougrain-Dubourg. French television producer Allain Bougrain-Dubourg is remembered.

FULL NAMEBrigitte Anne-Marie Bardot

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1984 and was cancer-free by 1986. In 1992, she married Bernard d’Or make for the fourth time. Former French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen advisor Bernard d’Or make passed away recently. She is currently a member of the United Nations Environment Program’s Global 500 honor roll. UNESCO and PETA have given her numerous honors.

A Person’s Career And personal Wealth

This well-known actress has a fortune of more than $60 million. Her films are the primary source of her income. She’s appeared in 47 films and recorded more than 60 songs with great success. Bardot won a slew of honors, including the Bambi, Devid Di Donatello, and BAFTA awards, among others. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation was established by her.

Some of her best-known works can be found here.

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  • Love’s practical manifestations
  • Rebels and Caroline are two of the most popular characters on the show.
  • For the sake of romance, I went to college.
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In 1973, the French actress took a break from acting.