12th Pick, The Columbus Blue Jackets Choose Frank Nazar, NHL Draft

Exciting Prospectus Of NHL Draft 2022

One of the most intriguing guys in this draught is Nazar. It begins with his skating, as was previously described. He excels at puck races.

If necessary, he is able to return right away. Few can match him when it comes to his abilities on the rink.

Exciting Prospectus Of NHL Draft 2022

Nazar’s development in the offensive zone is where he truly started to win me over. He began to display a more imaginative side to his play.

12th Pick, The Columbus Blue Jackets Choose Frank Nazar, NHL Draft

I thought he was more of a straight-line player who would use his speed to make everything happen before the season even started. 

But he has now proven that he can use that speed to his advantage while still delivering accurate throws.

Nazar was already capable of finishing, especially when he was confined to a small space. He possesses some of the draft’s best hands.

Nazar’s inventiveness and hockey acumen were evident everywhere, whether it was to release his shot or place the puck better.

Throughout his entire game, he displays ingenuity. He consistently completes through little holes in coverage, playing pucks into space better than any other player in the draught.

And he’s just a hungry, focused player that continuously uses his best skill, his skating, to attack the middle lane. 

One of the draft’s swiftest players, Nazar can change tempos as well as move quickly in straight lines and wind up through his crossovers (a learned skill that he really developed at U.S. NTDP).

This enables him to have an impact on the game both with the puck and without it, racing into channels to free up space for his linemates and attacking in transition to turn defenders or create breakaways.

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When that is his duty, he consistently supports the play high in the offensive zone without possession. He has the ability to rush into coverage and force something to happen, but he can also be irresponsible with the puck and try to do too much at times.

Although he needs to put on some bulk, he is a remarkably skilled athlete who can move and perform feats on the ice that few can.

Nazar, in a nutshell, is the kind of player you would love to have on your team but who would be a real pain in the neck to play against.

He can beat you defensively by using his outstanding hand-eye coordination and tireless effort to thwart any type of offense your team tries to put together, and he can beat you offensively by using his extremely exceptional skating ability and incredible playmaking skills.

Nazar is divisive potential. However, Elite Prospects ranks him fourth among all players in the class, and Blue Jackets reporter Mark Scheig of The Hockey Writers named Nazar his steal of the draught.

According to NHL Central Scouting, Nazar is only the 21st-best skater in North America. Even when Kent Johnson and company go, Nazar will be surrounded by a talented roster as a freshman at the University of Michigan in the fall.

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