How Many Episodes In Black Clover?Compared To Fairy Tale Magic, What Makes Black Clover’s So Special?


It’s understandable that there’s some debate over how the two series compare, given their similarity. Unlike white clover, black clover’s magic comes from its mystical qualities. It’s possible to identify a clear winner. It’s an important series, but the less interesting villain and conflicting reactions to Asta’s hero prove otherwise. Tabata, on the other hand, has developed a more dynamic and, more importantly, long-lasting magic system.

Like Western storytelling, magic is a common theme in fantasy manga and anime. Developing unique lore for a series that focuses on magic isn’t always easy, but it’s not unheard of. Both Hiro Mashima and Yuki Tabata’s black clover stories have made magicians their most prominent performers as a whole.

Regarding The Grimoire’s Organizational Structure

Since the two characters have similar levels of access to magic, the comparison must begin there. Spell codification may be better described in terms of Tabata’s role.

There are significant differences between the two magic chains when it comes to how magic is learned and how closely a form of magic is tied to its user. Both of these factors are significant. In the beginning, Tabata’s desire for “black clover” was clear.

It is impossible to separate the characters’ personalities from their magical powers. The concepts of grimoires and magical characteristics encompass his approach to achieving this goal.

Those who reach the age of fifteen or more are eligible to receive a Grimoire, a special book that contains spells. In a Grimoire, only the holder can use that spell. Another person’s grimoire can be just a book to them. Spells are added to them as the user’s level of expertise rises, and they tend to be empty at first. Mystical properties can be found in black clover. All of the elements of the natural world can be compared to light and dark magic.

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The Storyline Of Black Clover

When magic is born, it only has one attribute, and it can only use the magic of that attribute. In other words, black clover magazines. Families like Vermilion and Silva, which practice Black Clover magic, have single magical traits. Even so, the Grimoires of each of the group’s members grant them unique abilities and spells.

Black Clover Agic Is Superior To Fairy Tales Because

There are only a handful of places where black clover can be found in abundance. Because of Tabata’s clever two-level system, the characters’ abilities feel more like extensions of their personalities than like tools they’ve learned to use. In a welcome shift, the new spells focus more on character development and the challenges they face.

While Mashima focuses on the social implications of a magic-centered society, Tabata makes magic-based discrimination and hierarchy a prominent motif of the overall story, a fairy tale in its own right. Skirts are included in the ensemble. Asta is an anti-magic user who lives in the city. Anti-magic limits and intrinsically broken powers take more time and effort to discover.

If you’re looking for a better anime than magic and plot, Black Clover is the way to go. The majority of anime fans prefer to watch Black Clover to Fairytale.