Redo Of Healer Season 2 Has Been Officially Announced!! Find The Cast And Crew Of Season 2


According to this anime, magicians with healing powers cannot fight, but the protagonist disagrees. He believes that healing magic is the most extraordinary and that its potential is largely unexploited.

After losing everything and being abused by the royals, he decided to become the strongest person he could be, so he rewrote the past four years and went back to the beginning.

Redo Of Healer Season 2’s Plot Summary And Date Of Second Season

The final episode of season one is titled “The Healer.” Keyarga’s wrath was put on hold by the King of the nation, who issued an order to capture him. He has also decided to develop some empathy for the women in his life. Still, he was adamant about getting even with Bullet for the way he had treated his body. Season 2 will continue the story of his vengeance.

Redo Of Healer Season 2 Has Been Officially Announced!! Find The Cast And Crew Of Season 2

Anime critics’ reactions to the anime have been mixed, according to online reviews. This could be because of the large number of sexual scenes in the anime. The show’s brutal and intriguing plot, as well as the high-quality animation and the protagonist’s drive for redemption, were all appreciated by some viewers.

Date Of The Second Season’s Debut

Redo Of Healer’s second season has yet to be announced for release. Even if the creators can handle the criticism, a release date may be set soon. Fans can now look forward to the start of production in early 2022. It will be completed in a year if that happens.

As a result, fans may get a sneak peek at this mature series as early as 2023. There will be a release sometime in 2023, most likely in the spring or summer. The second season’s cast has been announced.

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A well-known voice actor will be hired for the role, and many of the previous voice actors who worked in season one will also be employed, just as: The show’s protagonist, “kagura,” was voiced by Yuya Hosumi.

  • Friea’s voice actor is Ayona Shibuya.
  • Setsuna’s character is voiced by Shizuka ishigami.
  • The character “blade” was voiced by Mami Fujita.
  • The character’s voice actor, Tetsu Inada.

Season 2’s Renewal Status

However, other services refused to air it on a major network while Animoon delayed it until it was on the verge of being canceled. A similar predicament was discovered when the light book was first published. Even

As of the most recent update, there had been no official word on whether Redo the Healer would return for a second season. According to fans, the last episode of the series aired in March 2021. Since then, neither the show’s creators nor the cast has spoken about a potential sequel.

Due to a number of disputes that the series had to deal with, its release was pushed back for a long period of time. There was a lot of backlash against this show because of its explicit content, as there had been with other public-platformed ecchi and harem anime.


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