The NBA Is Eyeing The 2023 Draft Because Of Victor Wembanyama!!

The NBA Is Eyeing The 2023 Draft Because Of Victor Wembanyama

They usually wait until the current year’s draft before focusing too much on the next one for my sanity’s sake. As a result, this year’s conditions are more relevant to the current period. The 2023 draft came up often enough at the NBA combine earlier this month to support the idea that many clubs are preparing for the future.

It’s Because Of Victor Wembanyama That The NBA Is Already Looking Ahead To The 2023 Draft!!

This year’s NBA Draft will be markedly different from what we’re seeing now because of the presence of 7-foot-3 French youngster Wembanyama, who is still over a year away from being selected yet has already amassed much buzz as any prospect since LeBron James.

This year, there is a lot of debate regarding whether three or four select options have a legitimate shot at being drafted at No. 1. Wembanyama will begin his draft cycle as a legitimate consensus No. 1 prospect, and he is likely to keep that position until election night, barring injury or any unforeseen plot twists.

NBA Is Looking To Draft Because Of Victor Wembanyama:

Victor Wembanyama has already earned the kind of high prospect status we haven’t seen in a long time, thanks to his impressive height, agility, and athleticism. As there has never been a prospect exactly like Wembanyama, he possesses the defensive ability to be a Rudy Gobert-type rebounder and the ability to move like Kevin Durant on the offensive end. 

He’s big and agile, and he’s still developing his build, but he can handle and shoot well. And Tony Parker’s French team ASVEL, which also competes in the Euroleague, has significantly benefited from his presence. Even though I have yet to see a live performance by Wembanyama, I can tell by watching a few video clips that what I’m witnessing is unique.

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The NBA Is Already Looking Forward To The 2023 Draft Because Of Victor Wembanyama:

If he were eligible, Wembanyama would be the first choice in the 2022 draft, and it’s not a leap to say that he would have ranked as the best prospect in any currency in the last decade, going back to the 2012 Anthony Davis draft. People are aware that Wembanyama is coming, even if they don’t think their team is good enough for him. T

The forthcoming Wembanyama draft’s optics became an intriguing issue in meetings with NBA representatives at the combine earlier this month. It’s difficult for league executives to see a scenario where he doesn’t go No. 1 despite the danger of injury with his stature.

While some clubs are still rebuilding, this information raises the issue of whether or not it makes sense to attempt to move up the rankings to get Wembanyama as a possible replacement.


Aside from this one apparent exception, opposing clubs anticipate Oklahoma City to stay dedicated to being bad for at least one more season so they can enter the Wembanyama sweepstakes.

Orlando, Houston, and Indiana might find themselves at the bottom of the rankings again without effort. A lousy start may warrant a course correction for any club in the middle of the pack. Detroit and Portland are two such non-playoff contenders looking to improve significantly next season. In January and February, you’ll notice teams slowing down significantly.

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