New York City mayor criticizes Raiders move to Las Vegas

Photo via Reuters/Mike Segar

Last night on twitter, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio shared some harsh criticism for Mark Davis’ decision to move the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.

The Raiders moved to Las Vegas because the city raised close to $1 billion in public funds; the Raiders and NFL owners simply could not pass it up. Libby Schaaf and Oakland couldn’t compete with the amount of funding Las Vegas generated.

The mayor de Blasio also commended Libby Schaaf for taking a stand against the greedy owners.

It was brutal for Oakland fans to watch their team leave for the second time, but there are pros to Oakland retaining millions of dollars in funding. Oakland is still in debt in excess of $80 million dollars from the Raiders move back in 1995, which is costing the city $10 million annually.

Despite the animosity between the city of Oakland and the team, the Raiders are expected to be in Oakland until at least 2019, and maybe 2020. Oakland politicians might look to take legal action against the Raiders in hopes of kicking them out of Oakland after this season. If they’re successful, the Raiders may have to find a temporary home in San Antonio, Santa Clara, or maybe even Las Vegas until the new stadium is finished in 2020.

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  1. Why don’t you worry about what’s going on in your city. What the Raiders did has nothing to do with you Oakland had thier chance , dragging their feet for so long it got old real fast……

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