Bay Area fans to orchestrate legal fight vs. NFL over Oakland Raiders relocation

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As everyone knows, the Oakland Raiders won their relocation vote 31-1 on March 27 to move the team to Las Vegas in 2020.

However, the team belongs in Oakland. The deal to move to Las Vegas has many question marks including taking over $1 billion in debt, alienating their fan base that made the organization special, hurting the Vegas citizens by using $1 billion in funds that could go elsewhere, and Vegas is one recession or bad football team away from having major issues selling out.

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In opposition to the move, Oakland Raider diehards, Forever Oakland and We Stand With Oakland, have organized a legal team to fight the movement involving star-studded legal lineup of Jim Quinn and Eric Hotchstad.

Quinn has represented and won with major companies including CBS, ESPN, Exxon Mobile, and Marvel. He has also represented players in all the major American sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and NHL. In his case against the NFL, he won NFL players the right to free agency.

The other representative, Hotchstad, has represented CBS, eBay, GE, MasterCard and Stubhub and was recognized on the “Under 40 Hot List” in 2016 by Benchmark Litigation.

More on Quinn and Hotchstad can be found with these links.

Without a doubt, the Raider Nation has mobilized to raise money to bring in an elite legal team that rarely loses and has consistently taken on big corporations.

Today, the group had a press conference (can be watched below) announcing that they are in the exploratory phase. They will be looking at what argument they can build and what plans of action they will take against the NFL.

It is unknown what course of actions they are going to take now, but it is obvious the Raider fans in Oakland will put up a fight. Even though it is a longshot to get anything accomplished, Oakland has fought long odds before and won.

For those in Raider Nation who are interesting in helping the cause and keeping the Raiders in their rightful city of Oakland, you can donate by clicking this link.


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  1. Bullshit! Now people want to rally? I had a business in Oakland but since left the bay due to taxes, Oakland own my name & rights to my entity’s design?

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